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Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School


Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

Team News.

Team News

4 years ago @ 4:25PM

2020 Golf Team Guidelines

*Do You Have a 2.0 Average GPA from your First Semester Grades?

*Have you had a Sports Physical?  All forms are avaiable at front office.

*Sign up by calling or texting Coach Townsend (831-818-1270).

*Practices are on M/T/W/Th.  3:15 to 5:30.  (Wednesday practice: 2:15 to 5:00.

*Collard Shirts & Slacks are required to play on the golf course.

*No Experience Necessary: AHS fields three teams:  Varsity,  J.V. (Travel Team) & J.V. (Home Team).

*Golf Clubs  stay out side of Pro Shop/Dining Areas

*Use of Seascape Golf Course is free during Team Practice.

*Special $50 a month unlimited Golf Memberships are available for team members. 

*We may play/practice when it rains.  I will text you before 12:00 when I do cancel a practice/match.

*Check the weather forecast every morning and have your 'GO BAG' (rain gear, hat, two large towels, rain gloves, umbrella) ready for poor weather conditions.

*Let me help you organize carpooling to get to practice on time. Just tell me you need a ride!

*Always call/text Coach Townsend BEFORE you miss a practice.  RULE #1: Don't practice; Can't Play in the Match!

*Coaches will organize every practice.  Stay out of the Pro Shop unless you are purchasing something!

Golf is difficult.  Be Positive.  Embrace it.  Practice a lot.


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