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Mariners Athletics

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Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

Team News.

Team News

6 years ago @ 5:54PM

Summer Dates

We very much look forward to having your child as part of the AHS football family. Listed below are the dates for summer workouts for freshman football:

June 16 - June 27: Summer program begins. The freshman will be going from 7:00-9:00 am Monday through Thursday. We will have an hour in the weight room and an hour on the field. We do our best to end practice promptly at 9:00 am but do take time to talk to the team after practice. Pick up is generally no later than 9:45 unless otherwise communicated by the coaching staff.

June 27 - July 6: July 4th  holiday break

July 7 - August 1: Morning workouts resume Monday through Thursday form 7:00-9:00 am.

August 1- August 12: Pre-season break

August 4: Physical night at the high school. AHS will provide the doctors and for a minimal fee your player can get a physical which will last for the whole school year and all athletics that he/she wishes to play. A physical is required to be on file at the high school for participation in all sports activities. The physicals do not have to be completed at the AHS but completion on this night leads to easy filing as well as supporting the sports programs with your donation.

August 15: Practice with full pads begins

August 22: Scrimmage night. Freshman intra-sqaud freshman, Freshman-IV inter-squad scrimmage JV, Varsity intra-squad scrimmage followed by the Mom's game in which the mothers of the varsity players are taught their son's position and then the moms scrimmage each other. 

August 30: Freshman Jamboree at AHS 10:00 am. This is the start of our season.
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