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Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School


Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

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10.0 months ago @ 9:00AM by Paul Zech


Congratulations to the entire 2022/2023 Aptos High School SCCAL Champion Golf Team 

Record 10-0 Undefeated

Aptos out performed our competitors by an average of 39.6 strokes per match (our 6 payers against opponents 6 players)

Aptos Varsity players average as a team score for the season was 41 per match

We played the League Final Match at Delaveaga on May 2 and came in 1st Place and received our SCCAL Championship Banner that day.... cold, windy & rain.

Coach Zech was voted 2022/2023 Coach of the Year by the SCCAL coaches

CCS Playoffs occurred on May 9th at Laguna Seca Golf Ranch in Monterey. As a team we placed 24th out of 30 teams and no SCCAL teams played better that the Mariners Team.

None of our individual players made the cut but 5 of the scores were respectable. Weather conditions were tough in the afternoon when our division played

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