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Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School


Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

Staff Bios.

New Head Golf Coach - Paul Zech

Paul Zech

Head Coach

Boys Varsity Golf

Paul takes over for long time and now retired coach Jamie Townsend as Head Coach for boys golf.

Kip Jackson will assist with and help with the JV golf team again in 2021.

Paul brings several years of coaching various sports and including coaching and/or assisting coaches and/or just being a spectator with his own son and daughter.

Golf is truly a sports passion for me both playing and watching. Out of 8 kids in my family 5 played golf, one for San Diego State, one sister a tennis player for Oregon Ducks, another now a Pickle Ball Star. Both my parents as golfers carried titles; women's club champ, men's club champ, both were city champs, both state champs and my mom was grandmother champ. So golf is in my blood.

My 20 year old daughter is a good golfer and we play often together now. My son was a baseball and then soccer goal keeper all the way through to High School.

Watching kids and young adults hit and control a golf ball is enjoyable to me.


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