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Mariners Athletics

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Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

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9 years ago @ 3:10AM

Brick Update.

Thank you to everyone that purchased a brick to help finance the all-weather turf field. Here is an update on the project.

First, all the bricks have been made. They are sitting in a safe storage area on campus.

The display is getting closer to completion. As you know, due to the difficult economic climate, our athletics budget has been significanty slashed, so we are relying on a terrific group of volunteers to complete this project.

These volunteers have met as a committee many times to come-up with a design. Below is an artistic rendering that our landscape architect created. If you look at it, you are looking at the snack bar end of the field. The bricks are displayed in the large "A" at the bottom.

The next step, which was just recently completed, was to create engineered drawings of the design. Now the engineered plans are at our architect's office. We cannot submit the plans to the Department of the State Architect for approval until an architect approves and stamps the plans.

As soon as our architect approves and stamps the plans, and the DSA approves, we will start building. Fortunately, we have another parent volunteer that has an eager work force who are ready to build. Our goal is to build the summer, 2013.

Thanks for your patience. It will beautiful when it's completed.


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