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Mariners Athletics

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Mariners Athletics

Aptos High School

Mariners Athletics

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Posted 11.0 months ago @ 1:58PM

Congratulations to the AHS Track & Field Athletes-of-the-Week, 5/2, Sponsored by California Coffee Bistro

Each week, the Track & Field Team honors four students as the Athletes-of-the-Week, two girls and two boys.

  1. The Track & Field Captains select a boy and a girl based on work-ethics and positive attitudes. Their winners each get a $10 gift certificate to California Coffee.
  2. The T&F coaches also select a boy and a girl each week, also based on work-ethics and attitude, but also often based on last week's performances in our meets. Their winners receive the A-of-the-W t-shirts.

The winners this week, 5/2/22, the last week of selections, are:

  • Captains' Selections - Owen Killian
  • Coaches' Selections - Collin Dagnall & Sophie Cornish

Past winners are:

  1. 2/7/22 - Ceci Garcia, Timothy Scott, Kira Garner and Mike Ruso
  2. 2/14/22 - Ali Oliver, Sawyer Jordan, Natasha Newcombe and Eddie Lira
  3. 2/21/22 - Emma Lane, Ben Bruno, Greer Hambly, and Andrew Pursley
  4. 2/28/22 - Rachel Hoops, Asher Norman, Jack Killian, and Siena Black
  5. 3/7/22 - Tiana Smith, Ronin Tidd, Ella Shoemaker, and Aidan Buckler
  6. 3/14/22 - Ryan Tosello, Wade EllisLucy Bowman, and Rylan Sampson
  7. 3/21/22 - Elizabeth Churchill, Trent Nosky, Holly Hegna, and Adrian Fernandez
  8. 3/28/22 - Ava Churchill, Raymond Barrios, and Ronin Tidd
  9. 4/1/22 -  Izzy Graff, Andrew Acevedo, Zia Wang, and Joel Meloche
  10. 4/18/22 - Rachel Hoops, Rio Cruz, Annie Eikemeyer, and Elijah Smith
  11. 4/25/22 - Mairen Mullen, Owen Killian, Tim Scott, and Nancy Cervantes

Congratulations to all!.....and thank-you California Coffee.


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